Kanpur Institute of Technology 

About KITP - Kanpur Institute of Technology & Pharmacy
College Code 550

Indus Technical Educational Society introduced a new course in Pharmacy at its new institute in year 2009 as Kanpur Institute of Technology & Pharmacy. The institute is spread over 1.5 acres of beautiful green campus and has well equipped infrastructure. It is affiliated with UPTU, Lucknow, recognized by AICTE (Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India) & conforms to AICTE’s norms for faculty, labs & equipments.


Pharmacy Department at KITP

The Department of Pharmacy has been established with a mission to provide course of study and prepare trained manpower in the field of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences and to integrate the knowledge of medicine, clinical sciences and drug discovery system for patient care and cure. It is designed to be a self-reliant campus with all basic amenities and resources. KITP aims at enhancing the prestige that the KIT has earned over the years of its establishment. It enables the students to develop strong foundations in bio-sciences and related subjects simultaneously improving their applicability in the various stages in medicine discovery and production. A perfectly conducive learning atmosphere has a unique integration of the ingredients suiting the requirements of contemporary pharmacy education scenario. The faculty members are equipped with knowledge, experience and expertise.

Course Offered – 4 Years - Bachelor of Pharmacy

A Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate academic degree in the field of pharmacy. The degree is the basic prerequisite for registration to practice as a pharmacist in India and many countries.

The four-year curriculum has been divided into 8 semesters and include lectures, tutorials, practical, seminars and projects in addition to industrial training and educational tour etc. as defined in the schemes of instructions and examinations and executive instructions issued by the University from time to time. The curriculum will also include such other curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities as prescribed by the University.

Facility & Labs

The emphasis on transferable as well as specialized skills will also equip the graduates with qualities to enter a range of other professions.

The institute is providing even better opportunity and environment for exchange of views and updating knowledge by organizing the Guest lecturers/ seminars/ symposia/ conferences in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is engaged in creating opportunities for higher studies and research in various disciplines of pharmaceutical interests which are oriented to create new knowledge in the field.



Faculty Members

Image Name Designation Profile Qualification
Dr. Sadath Ali
Director   B.Pharm, M.Pharm, Ph.D
Ms. Esha Yadav
Asst.Professor Head of Department, F I/C Girls’ Hostel M.Pharm (Pharmacognosy), Ph.D (Pursuing)
Paper Published
1- Journal of phcog review. A review on therapeutic potential of Lygodium fl exuosum Linn.
2- Journal of Toxicology and Industrial Health Protective effect of Lygodium flexuosum (family: Lygodiaceae) against excision, incision and dead space wounds models in experimental rats.
3- IJRAP , Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical Investigation on the leaves of Lygodium flexuosum Linn.
Mr. Rajneesh Kumar Gupta
Assistant Professor Faculty In-charge Time Table & Faculty In-charge Pharmacy Store M.pharm (Pharmaceutics), Ph.D (Pursuing)
Paper Published
1- Development of oral formulations for colon specific Drug delivery using eudragit, hpmc and Carbopol as excipients.
2- Osmotic tablet for colon specific drug delivery--published in---world journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical.
Mrs. Anjali Kushwaha
Assistant Professor in Pharmacy Department Lab I/C pharmacy M.pharm, Ph.D (Pursuing)
Ms. Priyadarshini Agarwal
Assistant Professor in Pharmacy Department Faculty Incharge Event Attendance Ph.D (Pursuing), M.Pharm
Paper Published
1- “2D-QSAR study of Phenothiazine derivatives as antitubercular agents” in International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Research. 4(2), 2013; 114-119.
2- “Selected Therapeutic Targets of Tuberculosis: An Overview” Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res., 29(1), 2014; 258-267.
3- 2d & 3d qsar and drug designing of phenothiazine Derivatives as potent antitubercular agents.
4- 2d and 3d qsar study of quinoline derivatives as antitubercular agents.
Mr. Prashant Kumar
Asst.Professor   M. Pharm. (Pharmacognosy)
Paper Published
1- “Screening of leaves and roots of Eclipta alba for hepatoprotective activity” Arch. Appl. Sci. Res., 2010: 2 (1)86-94.
2- “Hepatoprotective Studies on Aerial Parts of Moringa oleifera Lam. on Carbon tetrachloride induced liver cell damage in albino rats” Annals of Biological Research 2010, 1 (1): 27-35.
3- “Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Coumarin And Steroidal Fractions From Leaves Of Moringa Oleifera” International Journal Of Drug Discovery And Medical Research, 2012:1, 1, 20- 25.
Ms. Shipra Omar
Assistant Professor Faculty M.pharm (clinical pharmacy)
Paper Published
1. A review on deep vein thrombosis in journal of pharmaceutical research
2. A review article on nutrition and asthma in journal the pharma innovation journal
Ms. Ankit Shukla
Assistant Professor Faculty M.pharm (Pharmaceutics)
Paper Published
Bilayer tablet : A Promosing approach for dual drug delievery in jounral International Jounrals of Multidiscplinary Resarch Academy ..
Ms. Pooja Yadav
Asst.Professor   M.Pharm(Persuing)
Paper Published
1. “TRANSUNGUAL DRUG DELIVERY: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE TRENDS’’in International Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biotechnology.
2. A review article on the topic “ Dendrimers : A potential carrier on targeted drug delivery system ” in pharmaceutical and biological evaluation Journal.
3. A review article on the topic of “Penetration enhancers: An approach to increase skin permeation and it’s effects with eutectic mixture” in world journal of pharmaceutical sciences.
4. A review article on the topic of “Pharmaceutical Polymorphism: The Phenomenon affecting the performance of drug and an approach to enhance drug bioavailability, stability and solubility in world journal of pharmaceuticl sciences”.
5. A review article on gold nanoparticles: prepration application and toxicological effects” in International journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical research journal.
6. A reiew article on “FTIR – ATR a brief review ”in international journal of pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology.