Master of computer-application

Master of computer-application

The Department of Computer Application is one of the pioneering departments of the KIT. It is committed to the cost of quality education in Computer Application that forms the basis for all the other fields and Information technology. It provides a good theoretical foundation through high quality teaching complemented by extensive practical training. It is dedicated to the mission of providing honest, sincere, principled and highly skilled professional trained to the dynamic requirement of the IT industry.


The department has well equipped laboratories with most modern infrastructure to cater to the present day need of the industries. The department is very well equipped with computational facilities and resources both in terms of hardware and software. Some of the laboratories with their major facilities are:

Faculty Members

Name Designation Profile Qualification
Mr. Sudhir Singh
Associate Professor Head of the Department Ph.D(P), MCA, M.Tech(CS&E)
Mr. Somnath Gupta
Assistant Professor Faculty I/C Administration MCA, M.Tech(IT)
Mr. Sanjeev Kr. Shukla
Assistant Professor Faculty I/C Mess MCA, M.Tech(CS)
Mrs. Vani Dave
Assistant Professor MCA, M.Tech(IT)
Mr. Ram Kripal Mishra
Assistant Professor MCA , M.Tech (Information Security)

Recent Faculty Achievements

Mr. Sudhir Singh (Associate Professor) Head Of Department Master Of Computer Applications published research paper in Journal of Global Research in Computer Science, Volume 3, No. 5, May 2012 (ISSN-2229-371X), Available Online at Topic :

  • “Initial Concept how to Design a Software Requirement Identification Model”.
  • III National Conference “RTSER’ 2012” on “Resent Trends in Software Engineering Research” at Sri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engg. & Tech., Barelly on 25th March 2012. Topic:- “Approach to Design a Software Requirement Identification Model”