Counseling Cell

Counseling Cell

As today in the enormous competition our Youth is facing several severe problems due to stress, anxiety and over expectation. These problems may expose them in form of Poor Concentration, Memory, Inferior Feeling, Depression, Exam Phobia, Aggressive Behaviour, Lack of Sleep, Loss Of Appetite, Lack Of Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Negative Thoughts, Suicidal Thoughts & Attempts. So every academic institute needs psychological counselor who is well trained, experienced, and eligible with sound knowledge about psychological testing, diagnosis and psychotherapies

Counselling cell at KIT is headed by DR. DEEPAK KUMAR, Associate Prof. of Psychology KIT who helps counsel and guide the students for the issues mentioned above.

Counseling Cell Methodology

PROBLEM AREA IDENTIFICATION - First identifying the student problems are through the student counselling sheet and knowing student’s environment through focus interview techniques and then reaching to cause of these problems which may be – Emotional Stress, Anger, Emotional Problem, Stage Phobia, Lack Of Concentration, Poor Memory Problem, Time Management Problem, lack of Expression, Low Self Confidence, Low Self-Esteem, Adjustment problem, poor Decisive Power, Examination Anxiety, Frustration, conflicts.

DIAGNOSIS STAGE - Secondly conducting some psychological test for diagnosis like:- Rorschach, T.A.T, Somatic Inkblot Test, Academic Stress Test, Emotional Intelligence Test. 16 P.F. test.

APPLYING COUNSELLING TECHNIQUES & PSYCHOTHERAPIES - Thirdly providing the counselling and psychotherapies like based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy, T.R. Modal, Hypno-therapy, Age Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy Career counselling, Time Management, Anger Management, Stress Management, Anxiety Management.

REVIEW & FOLLOW UP – Lastly review the effects of the Counselling Techniques & Psychotherapies and feedback from the client.

Apart from it counselling cell conduct exclusive sessions & timely guidance on stress management, time management increase the concentration of the student before 10 or 12 days prior to Examinations, which is very helpful in reducing the examination anxiety and phobias.

DR. DEEPAK KUMAR (Head Counselling cell)

Associate Prof. of Psycholog

Department - Applied sciences & Humanities

Contact No.: 09695168659, 09454689225