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E-Cell -“Ek Pahel”


Need is the mother of invention & the era today, we can say, is full of necessities. In order to survive in this cut throat competition, a modern E-cell has been established in KIT. The E-Cell – ‘Ek Pahel', is a step towards Innovations. It is a space for students who are interested in setting up their own venture. It aims to transform the innovative ideas of students into viable business propositions. Ek Pahel, a separate entity under the aegis of KIT-Kanpur has a council which directs and administers its functioning. The primary goal is to facilitate a platform for the deserving students where, their ventures will be funded by investors & at the later stage a start-up company may even be launched in the college. Adequate Infrastructural & Financial support will be extended in the period of incubation. Motivation is one of the biggest factors which is required to attain success in life. This cell is meant for the same. Incubates will also have access to technological assistance which will be generated through mentors with multidisciplinary expertise.

Main Vision

Presenting the young spirit is the prime focus of this cell. The main purpose is to help the students in knowing the vision of life. KIT believes that Entrepreneurship is the key that can unlock India’s intensive potential. This will help to raise the quality & standard of the students who are interested in startups. This will eventually improve their quality of life also. E-Cell is a non-profit, strategically innovated, value driven unit with prime focus on re-innovating young minds. It aims at developing entrepreneurial spirit among students and shares a vision to foster innovation and budding ideas in youths.

Initiative by E-Cell

New events are planned and well driven by the dynamic unit of the institute, to highlight mainly on the fresh ideas and promote entrepreneurial zeal with high-tech business methodology. Young minds of this cell develop their skills by transforming through various fields including education, environment and economical base. They make students pursue their motto in life by innovative ideas & technologies. In near future E-discussion concepts will also take shape by making these fresh minds into entrepreneurs. Storming of ideas and concepts will be promoted for the better results. These kinds of events will definitely give a hike of entrepreneurship culture in KIT.

How E-Cell works

E-Cell comprises of the group of students who work to inculcate a leadership attitude & good mind set among their fellow students. Firmly believing in the fact that fresh mind produces good ideas, Kanpur Institute of Technology tries to mould these original thoughts into perfect shape of entrepreneurship. Excellent opportunities are provided to students for nurturing their own unique skills to its fullest potential. In all its aim is to build a new independent professional through present day technocrats.

E-Cell at KIT has a strong networking base for their students from campus to incubation & also organizes distinct level competitions at zonal & national level. This cell also facilitates various workshops and seminars for their entrepreneurs. Dealing with corpocrats leads this unit to create a platform to connect with working professionals through different initiatives like idea presentation, interactive sessions etc;

Desirable outcome

Kanpur Institute of Technology maintains the main focus of Cell for those students who wish to change the world by setting up their own venture. It also helps students to maintain organizational changes & shape work culture according to the industry requirements. This is done in order to move from traditional set-up to advanced business start-up. All the guidance and support are extended from the members of the E-cell in order to make the new young & dynamic Entrepreneurs.