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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


One of the founding departments of KIT Kanpur, The Department of Mechanical Engineering played a leading role in rolling out the mechanical engineers from the institute. Department of Mechanical Engineering centres on the principle of maintaining a high standard of mechanical engineering education through outstanding teaching, innovating curricula, and research training that reflect the changing needs of society.

The department of mechanical engineering is headed by Mr. A.S. Verma. The department has faculty strength of 09. Faculty members of the department are also occupants of different chairs of the institute which include Dean Academics Chair and Transport Coordinator. Department has a technical staff of 05 who are associated with 12 different laboratories.

Courses :

The department offers separate undergraduate 4 year degree course and 2 year regular postgraduate degree program in mechanical engineering.

Undergraduate Programme: (4 years-8 semesters):


B.TECH II Year (Lateral Entry)–12 (3 Year)

Postgraduate Programmes: (24 months-4 semesters):



The department has well equipped laboratories with most modern infrastructure to cater to the present day need of the industries. The department is very well equipped with computational facilities and resources both in terms of hardware and software. Some of the laboratories with their major facilities are:

CAD / CAM Lab Computer Aided Graphics Lab Engineering Mechanics
Hydraulics Lab IC Engine And Automobile Lab Machine Design Lab
Machine Drawing Lab Manufacturing Science Lab Material Science and Testing Lab
Measurement Lab Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab workshop

Faculty Members

Image Name Designation Profile Qualification
Mr. A.S.Verma Associate Professor Head of Department M.Tech.,Ph.D (P)
Paper Published
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National Conference

  1. Samir Saraswati,Anand Swaroop Verma,Pawan Singotia,Approximation of Turbocharer Characterstics Using pruned Artificial Neural Network.Amity University,Gurgaon,Haryana,2011
Image Name Designation Qualification
Mr. Amit Kumar Chaurasiya Assistant Professor M.Tech.(ME)
Mr. Deepak Kumar Yadav Assistant Professor M.Tech.(ME)
Paper Published
  1. Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Heat Pipes Using TiO₂/Benzene Based Nano-coolants, 2016 7th international conference on intelligent systems, Modelling and Simulation.
  2. Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Heat Pipes Using Al₂O₃/Benzene Based Nano-coolants, international journal of research and scientific innovation (IJRSI), july 2017 / ISSN 2321- 2705
Image Name Designation Qualification
Mr. Subhankur Dutta Assistant Professor M.Tech.(ME)
Paper Published
  1. S.Dutta,A.K.Dutta(2016), “A Review on the experimental study of Overall Equipment Effectiveness of various machines and its improvement strategies through TPM implementation.” IJETT-Vol 36 Number 5-June 2016.
  2. S.Dutta(2017), “A Study of Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Operation and Maintenance of CCU at Refinery Campus.” IJETMAS-Volume 5, Issue 5, ISSN 2349-4476, May 2017.
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Image Name Designation Profile Qualification
Mr. Rajnish Sagar Assistant Professor Faculty Cordinator “Samaj Kalyan Scholarship & Faculty I/C YANTRIKIAN SOCIETY/td> B.Tech, M.Tech. (pursuing)
Mr. Subhashit Assistant Professor Assistant Controller of Examinations B.Tech., M.Tech. (pursuing)
Mr. Pankaj Assistant Professor Faculty Incharge Laboratories B.Tech., M.Tech.(ME)
Mr. Om Prakash Tiwary Assistant Professor . M.Tech.(ME) (P)

Departmental Society


“YANTRIKIANS” the society of Department Of Mechanical Engineering The Convener is Mr. A.S. Verma - HOD ME Department.

The society encourages the conduction of a variety of student activities reflecting student interests and individual or group accomplishments of learning outcomes determined by the college. The society runs various Cultural, Social Service and Sports based activities for the students throughout the year