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Teaching Approach

Theory with practical application is the main focus on which the teaching approaches of KIT depend. The teaching methods followed by the KIT is very innovative including maximum practical exposure and are dynamic enough to motivate the students participate in them with full enthusiasm and enable higher retention of the course content, thus making the programmes overall more effective. Every department has well defined objectives which collaboratively work towards a single goal of imparting quality education to the students and inculcating in them the desired skill set and knowledge required by the industry.

Classroom Teaching

Some of the Classroom teaching methods adopted to enhance best of the practices and help students to derive the best of the learning from their programmes and courses are:

  1. Lectures and Tutorials
  2. Practical in Labs & Workshops
  3. Charts & Illustration
  4. Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Extra- Lectures
  5. Case Based Teaching
  6. Simulations
  7. Presentations, Video Films and Demonstration of Models, Equipment and Processes
  8. Projected PowerPoint Slide Shows on Important Topics
  9. Quizzes

Experienlial Learning

Experiential learning at KIT includes different types of activities, with one common goal- to involve students in “hands-on” experience outside the classroom. Following are the Experiential Learning activities adopted at KIT


In this the students are deputed to work in an organization related to their professional field and thus get trained in that organisation. They usually work on a project for the entire duration

Field Trips

Field Trips includes students going on a field visit to an organisation / any site relating to the profession for which they are being groomed in order to get a feel of the real world’s professional demands.

Industrial Tours

Industrial Tours form an integral part of most of the courses offered here. These help to familiarize students with the latest in their respective domain and develop a better understanding of the world.

Mini – Projects & Main Projects

The Projects are done by a group of students and are intended to be intensive, active learning projects, requiring efforts in planning and implementation as well as preparation of a Project Report. The group students are made to choose a project from their domain and asked to conduct practical and real life studies on them. They provide hands on learning experience to the students by enabling them by making them aware how to convert the theoretical knowledge to the practical one.

Student – run Ventures on Campus

To encourage professional orientation and entrepreneurship among the students, the College provides opportunities to the students wherein they can initiate business ventures on campus. This facilitates the practical application of their professional knowledge. The College encourages and provides initial financial aid to such idea by providing the requisite infrastructural support.

Compulsory Sessions on Personality Development Program

KIT insists on , its students to be specifically trained on their Attitude, Behavior & Communication Skills to develop them as the ‘TOTAL QUALITY PROFESSIONALS’ who are competent enough to handle the complexities of the corporate world in an excellent way.